Boxing: types of bets

Strength, courage, speed, technique, intuition. These are just some of the characteristics of a sport which is too often considered violent, but which is called a ‘noble art’ because of the skills required. Rings and gloves have often appeared in films and great protagonists have made it legendary. Such a sport could not be missing from our portal. This page is entirely dedicated to the best boxing betting sites.

The five listed above are the absolute best online bookmakers to bet on the “noble art”.

Types of boxing bets 

Boxing is one of the sports that best “calls” for betting. Some bookmakers have a few different types of bets in their complementary betting schedules, but it is rare to find matches that include more than a handful. This is because the most classic markets are also the most fascinating ones when it comes to ring fights. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Winner of the fight

The bet on the winner of a fight is one that no trader can do without. Determining who of the two boxers will be able to get the better of the other is what most players are looking for when they are about to follow a fight. It is also allowed to place money on a possible draw if the rules state this as a possible outcome.

Under/Over round

The evergreen Under/Over is also present in boxing betting. In boxing it is applied to the number of rounds that will be played in a match. The thresholds vary depending on the calibre of the two athletes in the ring. The more equal the two boxers are, the higher this threshold will be.

Example: Let’s say a bookmaker is offering an Under/Over bet on a match between Boxer A and Boxer B, where the former is significantly stronger than the latter. In this case a likely threshold would be 7.5. Boxer B despite taking a lot of blows manages to hold out until the ninth round when he is knocked out. Winning bets will therefore be on the Over.

Usage: The use of this market is interesting when you think that one of the two athletes in the ring will definitely win over the other, but for this reason the odds on the winner are too low to be attractive. In this case the Under/Over on the number of rounds played is a good way to increase the potential profit.

Fight Outcome

To win by choosing this type of bet you need to guess how a fight will end. The possible choices can be between a win by KO, technical KO or disqualification or on points. If required by the rules, a draw is also listed.

Betting on rounds

Betting on rounds means guessing not only which fighter will win the fight, but also in which round. Possible options include a win on points or by technical decision. Again, you can choose a draw as an option. If a fight ends in the interval between rounds, the round that has just ended is considered valid.

Live boxing bets

The best boxing betting sites also offer the possibility to bet live on the fights of the “noble art”. This is not a discipline traditionally associated with this betting method, but more and more operators are including it in their live betting schedules. Of course, you always have to check, day by day, which live boxing bets have been listed and which have not. If you would like to watch the fight you want to bet on via streaming, we have to disappoint you: there are very few cases where the bookies’ platforms offer this opportunity.

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