Free Spins and How to Use Them in Online Casinos

Free spins are a free round of the game. The structure of all entertainment in the casino is arranged so that the game round includes the rotation of the slot reel or roulette wheel. In a money game at BetAmo, this spin has its own value, which is determined by the amount of the bet made. In the case of free spins, this rotation is free, and the chance of winning is absolutely real.


Free spins are provided under certain conditions. Turning them into real money is possible through wagering. Wagering is the requirement to wager a certain amount. When the goal is achieved, the bonus funds will go to the category of real funds and they can be easily withdrawn from the deposit. The problem is that the gambling establishment sets a number of requirements that make this task difficult to accomplish. In connection with this, some players even refuse such offers. Besides, you need to fulfill the conditions in a limited amount of time.

The more attractive and profitable the offer, the less time is given for wagering. This is done so that players do not often have the opportunity to withdraw bonuses. Often, the casino itself provides those games where you can use free spins. In case of violation of these rules, the winnings may be canceled. These rules apply to almost all casinos.

How to Win Free Spins Back 

Most slots have bonus rounds. If the necessary combination falls out, before the prize round starts, you can pause the game for a while by exiting it. When the slot is reloaded, the bonus game is resumed. So, it is possible to postpone the bonus game and open it only after using the active bonuses. This gives an opportunity to get net winnings, which are ready for withdrawal.

However, keep in mind that such tricks are prohibited in casinos and are considered to be cheating. Another rule that applies to wagering is the maximum bet. Its violation may also lead to a penalty in the form of cancellation of bonuses.

How to Get Free Spins

Casino Free spins

Often free spins are provided either to new customers or to already registered users during promotions of recent releases. Often, to get free spins it is only necessary to register and deposit a certain amount of money. The player is given the opportunity to make a certain number of prize spins in games, usually with a minimum bet. Often a user gets about 10-20 free spins, which can be used either at once or in packages (several spins per day). Free spins in online casinos can be obtained:

  • After registration. The casino provides this offer alone and with other bonuses.
  • After entering a special promo code.
  • When loading a particular slot machine. This is done for the purpose of presenting new slots and thus attracting attention to them.

The activation time can also often be limited. You can also get a free spin in honor of your birthday or for inviting a new customer to the casino.

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