Secrets of Rugby Betting

To go for the goal or win the betting scrum, online bookmakers are the absolute best. However, there are different needs and priorities for every fan, and we always remember that betting does not guarantee safe winnings, as well as the fact that the game is for over 18s only. To try to intercept them, we thought of preparing an additional shortlist in which, depending on the category required, you will find the best rugby betting sites.

Tournaments to play: 6 Nations, World Cup and more

If you are a keen bettor, you will certainly have noticed in bookmakers’ schedules that a distinction is made between rugby union and rugby league. These are two variants of rugby union, which emerged at the end of the 19th century with some differences in the rules: for example, the union version has 15 players on the field and 5 points per try, the league version 13 players and 4 points per try.

However, the most popular version is still the union version, in which, for example, the most popular tournaments are played, as well as national leagues such as the Premiership (England), Top 14 (France) and our Top 12. We have dedicated a special page to betting on the Six Nations. In the following table we list these tournaments along with some important data.

Follow our rugby betting tips

Rugby is a very special sport, which has its own dynamics and rules and requires the bettor to pay attention to many different factors before placing a bet. For this reason, and pointing out that they won’t give you a guarantee of winning, we thought we’d put together a little vademecum with our rugby betting tips below.

  • Make sure you know the rules of the game and the format of the various tournaments you are betting on.
  • Choose the markets according to the peculiarities of the teams (e.g. if they have a strong kicker)
  • Study the players’ fitness, injuries and conditions before the match.
  • Also analyse the teams’ statistics, their last matches and previous results.
  • Check which team played last, with the most time available for recovery.
  • Especially in rugby union, the gap between the clubs is high: choose the handicaps with confidence.

Rugby is a very tough and physical sport, and the players’ injuries and aches and pains must be taken into account, but also the weather conditions: rain and wind often make matches even more spectacular because they encourage the athletes to give even more on the pitch. The motivation of the teams, even the weakest ones, is always very high: take this into account, even if the big teams rarely betray.

Stories and curiosities of a game with a great tradition

Rugby is a sport with a long history. According to tradition, it was invented by William Webb Ellis, a student who first began codifying the rules of the game in 1823. It was named after the town where Webb Ellis studied, Rugby. In the three boxes that follow we have selected some historical facts and interesting facts about the sport, to further investigate and conclude this long review.

Rugby and bookmakers: the right combination to score goals

The time has come to draw the conclusions of this long examination which has led us to learn more about rugby betting and the many interesting and useful aspects that revolve around this world. We can certainly say that the best rugby betting sites have not been unprepared for the event and have offered a very complete schedule in terms of number of tournaments, events and markets. Even in terms of payouts, although we didn’t find any high peaks, we have to note a good consistency of average percentages, which always make a good deal a bet with rugby as the main course. Finally, we can not fail to mention the interesting promotions that some bookmakers offer on the oval ball, and the excitement of the live game, assisted by interesting streaming services.

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