NHSRF Pan-Canadian HHR Planning Toolkit

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Visit this new interactive online resource where you can learn about HHR planning, discover best practice models to support your decision making or use the forum to ask questions and connect with HHR professionals from across the country.

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PEPPA Framework for Decision-Makers

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APN Data Collection Toolkit

The PEPPA Framework was developed to provide APN researchers, health care providers, administrators, and policy makers with a guide to promote the optimal development, implementation and evaluation of APN roles.

The aims of the framework are to:

  • Utilize relevant data to support the need and identified goals for a clearly defined APN role.
  • Support the development of a nursing orientation to practice characterized by patient-centered, health-focused, and holistic care.
  • Promote the full integration and utilization of APN knowledge, skills, and expertise from all role dimensions related to clinical practice, education, research, organizational leadership, and scholarly/professional practice (CANO, 2001).
  • Create practice environments that support APN role development by engaging stakeholders from the health care team, practice setting, and health care system in the role planning process.

Promote ongoing APN role development and model of care enhancement through continuous and rigorous evaluation of progress in achieving pre-determined outcome-based goals.

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CMA Canadian Collaborative Centre for Physician Resources (C3PR)

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cma logoThe part of the CMA website devoted to its Canadian Collaborative Centre for Physician Resources (C3PR) contains:

  • statistical information,
  • articles and reports prepared by the Centre
  • links to relevant papers on physician resources prepared by other organizations.

Recent Posts

Profile of rural physicians in Canada based on results of the 2010 National Physician Survey

New bulletin on the issues of physician referrals based on two recent surveys

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HHR Library and Data Directory

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 The library is a searchable online bilingual database of peer-reviewed literature, grey literature, as well as data resources on all matters related to health human resources within and concerning Canada.

CHHRN’s Database Index merged into the CHHRN library in August, 2013 to give researchers use of summary as well as access information to over 230 (and growing) healthcare database sources. The index was launched as an integral part of the CHHRN Library. This integrated approach puts a more powerful resource in the hands of the users; in response to a query the search engine can deliver information on databases only or on a combination of sources including databases, qualitative and quantitative research as well as data analysis results, that may inform the researcher on his/her area of interest.  An integrated approach presents almost 5,400 additional resources that the researcher may draw upon.

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Health Professions Database

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Logo - HFO jpgOur healthcare system relies on a range of health professionals, each with unique expertise, to meet the health needs of Ontarians. However, in the past, we did not have a good grasp on the profile of these professions. For example, we knew very little about how many people were practising in these professions, where they were working, and whether Ontario had the right combination of these professionals to meet future needs. The Health Professions Database is a significant step towards having a truly representative snapshot of Ontario's regulated healthcare workforce.

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