OHHRRN HHR Research Showcase Event- Participant Feedback

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The following are comments and feedback received from participants who attended the OHHRRN HHR Research Showcase Event.

Most informative presentations:

  • Title: How Policy and Within Team Factors Influence Collaboration in Interprofessional Primary Healthcare Teams: A Case Study of Family Health Teams in Ontario. Presenter: Gillian Mulvale, McMaster University. 
  • Title: Addressing Provider-Shortage Care and Collaborative Practice in Rural/Remote Communities of Ontario. Presenter: Kieran Cooley, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.
  • Title: Chiropractic Delisting: Long Term Impacts on Patients and Providers.Presenter: Arthur Sweetman, McMaster University.
  • Title: Task Shifting in the Provision of Home and Social Care: Implications for Health Human Resources. Presenter: Margaret Denton, McMaster University.

Main Take-away Messages:

There is much work/research to be explored in HHR:

  • Internationally educated health professionals capacity needs to be examined in depth and HHR needs to be studied more.
  • The importance of interprofessional collaboration to improve healthcare delivery.
  • More research pertaining to patient outcomes or patient perspectives with regards to the care they receive as an evaluation of HHR planning and models of care impact.
  • HHR Data/Planning continues to need support.
  • IPC is the key and is informed by role unity and scopes of practice.
  • Studying HHR policy matters.

OHHRRN and/or OHHRRN Funded Research:

  • Was unaware of the depth of research funded by OHHRRN.
  • There is some great reserach being done!
  • Incredible movement on a number of fronts.
  • Incredible synergy in themes related to HHR. 
  • The linkages with researchers and knowing who to talk to in the future if we have a research need.
  • Interesting body of research dealing with regulation of professions.

A Few Comments/Feeback About the Event:

  •  The keynote speaker was innovative, interesting and intelligent. I also appreciate the fact that the day stayed on track!
  • I found the day to be very informative and hope there will be follow up in respect to some of these subjects (follow up to baseline data).
  • Very informative; so much knowledge shared about HHR.
  • What a wonderful conference for a graduate student who has walked away inspired to keep going with my thesis on public health human resources knowing how expert HHR researchers and their methods was great.
  • I enjoyed it very much! Thank you for having me as a poster presenter.
  • Great presentations, fantastic event. Would love it if it was an annual event.

For further details regarding the event or any of the presentations please contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

On behalf of OHHRRN, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all presenters and participants for your contributions in making this a very successful event!!