OHHRRN-Funded Research Progress Update 2015

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The Ontario Health Human Resources Network  was established in 2009 with funding from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care with the goal of:


1. Undertaking more and better health human resource research in Ontario/with an Ontario focus

2. To enhance capacity in health human resource research in the province

3. To inform policy and practice regarding health human resources these innovations with 60% of OHHRRN

     activities devoted to applied health research


The network was established with a vision of providing a platform to help coordinate and build capacity in HHR research and facilitate knowledge exchange within academic/research and policy/decision-maker communities for the purpose addressing critical HHR issues across the province.


Since it’s inauguration, OHHRRN has achieved some pretty remarkable successes including:

¨ Over 20 investigator driven research projects and planning grants that examine a wide range of HHR topics within the themes of modeling and migration, scopes of practice/models of care, new HHR roles,  new contexts;

¨ Supported HHR related research of several doctoral, post-doctoral and extra fellow awards

¨ Created numerous linkages with professional associations, regulatory bodies, public health units, LHINs among others

¨ Encouraged submissions of HHR related research grants through partnerships, letters of support and in-kind support.

¨ Established a Pan-Canadian HHR Network which synergistically builds and

     expands upon all of the efforts, activities, tools and connections created through