2018 CAHSPR Conference (May 9-12, 2016)

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CAHSPR 2018 Conference

How Research Informs the Future of the Canadian Health System

Hotel Bonaventure
Montreal, Quebec May 29, 2018 - May 31, 2018

Preconference day: Monday, May 28th, 2018 

The conference  will ask the question of what Canada’s healthcare system be like in the future, but go on to consider how health services research can change that future. Will our recent efforts at focusing on population health, considering the impact of social determinants of health, targeting vulnerable populations and valuing patient input persist, or will we continue with the practices of the status quo? For whom will the promise of new technologies bring benefit? Will we finally see the digital age which we experience in our every day lives become as pervasive in our healthcare system? Will changes come to the social hierarchy of our healthcare professionals? How will changes in the age and gender of our providers impact our system?

All of us are engaged in research that seeks to answer these and other related questions. Our research results and our ability to communicate them to decision makers will surely play a major role in deciding what our future healthcare system looks like. Or will it?

Join us in Montreal for four exciting days on May 29-31 (the pre-conference activities will be on May 28) to explore these and other themes, catch up with friends and colleagues and make new acquaintances.

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CAHSPR HHR Theme Group:

Background & Purpose

The CAHSPR Health Human Resources theme group is a subgroup of CAHSPR’s broader membership comprised of researchers, decision-makers, policy makers, health professionals, and others who share an interest in health human resources research and policy.

Our mission is to 1) facilitate networking, knowledge exchange and collaboration among individuals and organizations who have an interest in health human resources research, policy and planning; and 2) to elevate the profile, and improve the dissemination, of health human resources research and policy development at the CAHSPR conference and within the broader CAHSPR community.

Specific objectives of the Health Human Resources theme group are as follows:

  • To create an active network of researchers, practitioners, and decision- and policy-makers who have an interest in health human resources research, policy and planning;
  • To work with other organizations/partners, to facilitate linkage and exchange between health human resources organizations in Canada and internationally;
  • To provide venues and opportunities for supporting communication and collaboration amongst members at the CAHSPR conference and between CAHSPR events;
  • To promote HHR research and knowledge translation within the HHR policy community at CAHSPR events; and
  • To support efforts to build capacity in health human resources research

For more information about the HHR Theme Group contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it