Examining Nurse Practitioner Practices within Different Care Models in Ontario: A Population Health Assessment

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Student: Ndolo Njie, RN, BScN, MN Candidate


This Project will examine how population health needs are affected by primary care services delivered by nurse practitioners (NPs) working within different models of care. The need to develop sound research to inform effective health human resource (HHR) planning, distribution and policy development in issues that impact the overall health of Canadians is well documented in literature. Given the increasing diversity of the Canadian population due to immigration, the aging population and Canadians managing one or two chronic health conditions, an exploration of how nurses can effectively contribute to the promotion of the health of Canadians in a sustaining fashion is vital at all levels. Consequently, research will be undertaken to examine the effects of different NP models of primary care service delivery and its influence on the health of Canadians.

Theoretical framework

This project was guided by the health human resource (HHR) planning framework developed by O'Brien-Pallas and colleagues. The HHR planning framework highlights a needs-based assessment that reflects the population health needs, and individual health needs of a community.


This qualitative project will use semi-structured interviews and existing literature to assess some potential impacts variances in practice structures could have on population health needs of Canadians.


This will occur with the goal of generating data that will inform and support effective HHR distribution that efficiently meets the health and population health needs of Canadians.