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CIHR and European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies International Partner-Recently Funded HHR Research

European Observatory Fellowship

CIHR-IHSPR and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies are collaborating to support one Science Policy Fellowship that will allow a Canadian investigator to work with the Observatory to support European policy development in an area of relevance to Canada. The area of focus is: Health system performance assessment and comparison: an agenda for policy.

The Observatory is an international partnership that supports and promotes evidence-based health policy-making through comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the dynamics of health systems in Europe and by engaging directly with policy-makers. The fellow will be part of an overarching program which aims to help governments, regulators, citizens and commentators better understand the comparative performance of their health care systems, improve measurement and analysis, and help in the design, evaluation and choice of initiatives to strengthen health systems.

The fellowship may be linked to a CIHR Healthcare Renewal Policy Analysis grant on the same theme. Please see
the CIHR Institute for Health Services Research Funding Opportunity Database for more information.

  • Application Deadline: June 4, 2012

European Observatory Policy Analysis

CIHR Institute of Health Services and Policy Research - IHSPR in collaboration with the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies will support a project under CIHR's Healthcare Renewal Policy Analysis program. The policy analysis opportunity will support a partnership between a Canadian research team and the Observatory to carry out analysis as part of the Observatory's performance program.

The Healthcare Renewal Policy Analysis grant will support research that can draw upon the Observatory's established methodologies and will cover time spent in Europe to meet the deliverables of the grant (i.e., the generation of a policy brief; a brief policy dialogue / roundtable and policy options for Canada). This will enable the research team to draw on an existing international body of work to illuminate choices for Canadian policy and decision makers and to foster further development of comparative health policy analysis research. It is hoped the initiative may be linked to an overlapping CIHR Science Policy Fellowship.

  • Please note that all applications require a letter of support from the Observatory, which must be included in the application to CIHR. All requests must be submitted to the Observatory before June 18, 2012.
  • Application Deadline: September 19, 2012


More details

About these funding opportunities contact Laurel Taylor: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .