NEW - OHHRRN Working Papers

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exchange wpsÉ/Exchange is co-sponsored by OHHRRN and two other contributing networks from the Applied Health Research Initiative (AHRNI); namely the Population Health Improvement Research Network (PHIRN), Réseau de recherche appliquée sur la santé des francophones de L'Ontario (RRASFO).

New Knowledge Exchange Summaries:

Title: Task Shifting in the Provision of Home and Social Care
Authors: Denton, M., Brookman, C., Zeytinoglu, I., Plenderlieth, J

Title: Developing Training Modules for Foreign Trained Health Professionals and Unregulated Health Workers
Authors: Cava, M., Parker, H.

Upcoming Knowledge Exchange Summaries:

Title: The Role of Immigrant Care Workers in an Aging Society: The Canadian Context & Experience
Authors: Bourgeault, I.L., Atanackovic, J., LeBrun, J., Parpia, R., Rashid, A., Winkup, J.

Title: The Integration of the Inaugural Graduates of the McMaster University Physician Assitant Education Program in Ontario's Health Care System: A Survey of Employer Perceptions and Reflections
Author: Kulatunga-Moruzi, C.

Title: Changing Trends in Canada to US Nurse Migration from 2004 to 2008
Authors: McGillis Hall