Policy Analysis of Scope of Practice Changes in Relation to Prescribing for Optometry and Pharmacy and the Newly Regulated Health Profession of Pharmacy Technicians

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This policy analysis of focused on the scope of practice changes for pharmacists, optometrists and regulatory changes for the newly regulated profession of pharmacy technicians. The purpose of this project was to identify activities, strategies and collaborations taking place at these various levels in preparation for the implementation of these new regulatory changes.

hand writingAll professions included in this report have been very pro-active with respect to both current and anticipated regulatory changes and they have been diligent in planning for these changes in education, continuing education, ensuring public safety, and importantly, encouraging members to react positively to these changes. Generally the professional representatives and members are enthusiastic about regulatory change and the prospect of being able to contribute more widely to the health care system. However, each has particular concerns about implementation and actual front line implications at this early stage.

The themes that overarch all professions examined in this initiative include that regulatory changes and proposed changes seem to be more prescriptive than practice based. For example, such things as including drug lists rather than categories are considered too specific for a self-regulating health profession with professional standards and a college whose mandate is to protect the public and regulate professionals. While professional judgment is discussed and felt to be valued, it is believed to have been overridden by specific regulatory language.

Other themes were profession specific and included areas such as rate of regulatory change, lack of clarity of roles, miscommunication, remuneration and interprofessional collaboration.

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