Christine Covell

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    • Email Address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    • Project Title: A Pan Canadian Perspective on the Successful Integration of Internationally Educated Nurses. Funded by CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship
    • Project Description: This research will examine the reasons why some internationally educated nurses are successful in becoming nurses in Canada, and identify the programs available to help them pass a licensing examination and find work in their profession. Information from this research can be used to develop and modify educational programs and social program to assist internationally educated nurses become eligible to practice their profession and find work in Canada. Employers and regulatory agencies can use the information to develop strategies to retain internationally educated nurses in Canada.
    • Research Projects:
    • Factors that Support the Successful Integration and Retention of Internationally Educated Nurses into the Canadian Health Care System. Investigators: I. St-Pierre, PI (Qualitative Lead). Role: Co-Investigator: (Quantitative Lead). Funding Agency: Heatlh Canada ($249,595; 2013-2015).
    • Pan Canadian Health Human Resources Knowledge Exchange Network. Primary Investigator: Bourgeault, I.L., Barer, M., Tomblin Murphy, G. Role: Co-Investigator (Lead-CHHRN Virtual Library). Funding Agency: Canadian Institute of Health Research ($600,00; 2011-2014).
    • Publications & Presentations:
      1. Covell, CL., Neiterman, E., Bourgeault, IL. (In press, 2014). Forms of Capital as Facilitators of Internationally Educated Nurses' Integration into the Canadian Nursing Workforce. Canadian Public Policy, Slated for publication upcoming special Issue.
      2. Bourgeault, I.L., Neiterman, E., Covell, CL., Quatro, A. (2013). Internationally Educated Health Professionals: A Review of Canadian Literature. Canadian Health Human Resources Network (CHHRN Knowledge Synthesis). University of Ottawa, Ottawa Ontario, Canada.
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    Published Abstracts:

    1. Covell, CL. (2008). Nursing Intellectual capital theory: Conceptualizing the contributions of nurses' knowledge, skills and experience to patients and organizations. Journal of Nursing Administration, 38(5), 209-213.
    2. Covell, CL., & Ritchie, JA. (2008). Promoting nurses disclosure of medication errors: Towards the development of an intervention. Journal of Nursing Administration, 38(5), 209-213.
    • Where you are now?: Postdoctoral Studies, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Health Sciences