Playing Bingo: the duration of a game

A normal game of Bingo does not have a fixed duration. The amount of time it takes to complete a game depends a lot on the type of environment you are in and the players you start the game with. Most of the time, there is no average length of time, except in certain cases where a minimum and maximum number of minutes are set for the game to be played.

Often, if the atmosphere is friendly, like between friends and family, there is a lot of joking and chatting, but if you are in a more official place, like a bingo hall, this is not always the case. In these cases the atmosphere is more serious and, as is often the case with different games of chance, also very tense. The numbers are drawn quickly, non-stop and the winner is determined very quickly.

It should be noted, however, that in online bingo games, there is a fixed time. The calling and checking of the numbers in the bingo cards of the different players in the room is automated. Therefore, the duration of the game is sometimes only a few minutes.

Bingo: the basic rules

The game of Bingo was born in the United States and then spread to our country based on the rules of the already known Tombola. Once authenticated, the player can choose the room where he wants to play and select the cards with which he wants to start the game. These are made up of numbered or symbolic boxes, in a number and arrangement that varies according to the characteristics of the room.

The draw phase begins with the first number or symbol. Players must now pay attention to the numbers or symbols that are progressively drawn and highlight them if they are present in their cards. It then continues with the drawing of the other numbers, which results in the winning of the various prizes. The amount, of course, varies depending on the number of cards sold, the price of the cards and the rate of the jackpot.

The game of Bingo therefore presents a very simple and straightforward strategy. Each player can select their own folder and start the game.

How to play Bingo

Taking into account the different playing times, a game can last a few minutes, but can take hours to determine the winner if the situation calls for it. Bingo is, however, a very easy game suitable for everyone, which is mainly based on drawing a sequence of numbers in random order.

The objective of the game is to fill your own card before the other players in the competition, following the carefully drawn numbers. There are, therefore, many versions of the game, differentiated mainly by the amount of numbers used in the draw. The original American version involves drawing from 75 numbers, while Bingo 90, or the drawing from 90 numbers, is more widespread.

The game is still very simple and straightforward. For this reason, Bingo is similar to bingo, from which it differs only in the prizes. In this, in fact, there are no traditional ambo, terno and quaterna: the only winning alternatives available are the five and, in fact, Bingo, which is equivalent to bingo.

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